Guardtime Cyber Services

Our portfolio of cyber defence services help clients raise cyber awareness, increase preparedness, and achieve cyber resilience through training, exercises and evaluations.

Focusing on the human angle is key to cyber resilience.

Guardtime Approach to Cyber Exercises for Preparedness and Resilience

Our approach is to first help our clients develop governance for exercising in cyber space, thus ensuring the issue is addressed at the right level. We then help our clients define a program for education, training, exercises and evaluations for all staff, taking into consideration everyone’s specific role and the overall risk posture of the organization.

Basic Cyber Exercises
Advanced Cyber Exercises
Adversarial Evaluations
Cyber Range Solutions
Preparedness for cyber resilience

A good program will start with initial individual training on a cyber range and progress to cyber exercises that address the essential needs of groups and teams. These will be followed by increasingly complex, multi-party exercises that can include practically all roles and all levels, from technical operators to senior decision-makers.

While still making use of a cyber range, such cyber exercises will typically include extensions into real-life systems (e.g. industrial control systems, IoT devices, and military platforms for example) as well as include table-top components. To top it off and reach the highest level of maturity, adversarial evaluations in which incident detection and response is exercised on real production systems with minimal notice can help clients validate the effectiveness of the full range of technical solutions and human processes.